About the Journal

The Nordic Journal of Legal Studies (NJLS) is a legal student journal of the University of Lapland. The journal comprises of a variety of scholarly articles within the legal discipline. Current students of law and recent graduates author the majority of the articles for this publication. The primary purpose of the journal is to provide graduate students with an opportunity to enhance their academic skills and contribute to the legal academic discourse.

The journal is published annually and articles for the journal may be submitted in English or in any of the Nordic languages. A summary in English of all articles written in a Nordic language will be provided.

The journal is managed by the Editorial Team, whose members consist of Master's and PhD students from law faculties in the nordic region. The journal is supported by an Advisory Board which includes academically qualified persons from the Faculty staff. A minimum of two persons from the Advisory Board hold a PhD or equivalent degree. The Advisory Board supervises the work of the Editorial Team and the overall publishing process. Each article will be reviewed anonymously by an expert in the subject matter on submission.

The publisher of the journal is the University of Lapland, Faculty of Law, and the content delivery to digital distribution is provided by Nordic Digital Publishing. The journal is fully hosted and managed digitally, via Open Journal System (OJS).